We take care of our people, our people take care of the mission, and the mission takes care of us

Always take care of – and continuously invest in – our most important asset: Our People

  • Attract the best people by offering compensation that is above industry standards
  • Retain them by providing them challenging tasks where their work can make a difference
  • Retain them by ensuring they have a positive work environment free from harassment, discrimination, or unequal treatment
  • Provide education, training, and professional development opportunities to keep their skills honed and expand their personal capabilities
  • Provide quality-of-life events that focus not only on the employees, but also their families

Provide quality services to our clients that are always honest and demonstrate sound ethics and integrity

  • Act as good stewards of government resources – which are OUR resources as taxpayers and citizens
  • NEVER compromise integrity for profit
  • ALWAYS provide our clients the best advice possible: even if it means that we may not profit from the outcome

Demonstrate fiscal responsibility in everything we do

  • Reinvest in the company and our people to ensure that we have the leaders, tools, and resources to meet the challenges of our tasks