In-concert with our partner Kentucky High-Tech Trailers, Sequoia Strategies & Solutions develops and delivers unique and fully-accredited Mobile SCIF solutions to enable classified operations, testing, experimentation, and demonstrations.  These solutions are fully self-contained and can be deployed in a variety of tailored configurations.

Fully secure, Mobile SCIF-Accredited trucks, trailers and containers, designed and engineered for any environment or mission. Completely self-contained power systems provide independent operation in remote locations. Our SCIF. units meet or exceed TEMPEST ICD 705-1 requirements, including RF shielding, acoustic dampening, and are available air transportable via C-5 or C-17.

Features Of Our Mobile SCIF

Fully Accredited, Tempest-rated SCIF in a rapidly deployable mobile unit

Systems designed to exceed Tempest-ICD 705-1 requirements, including RF shielding and acoustic dampening

Individual metal raceways providing the additional physical security and separation required for different class network cabling

Sequoia SCIF
Sequoia SCIF 2
Sequoia SCIF 3