Paid Personal Leave & Holidays

Regular full-time employees earn Paid Time-Off (PTO) of 8 hours per pay period (26 days per year) for the first 4 years of service. PTO banking provides you with more flexibility to use your time off to meet personal needs, while recognizing your individual responsibility to manage your paid time off. With PTO banking, you will determine how you will use your leave: vacation, illness, federal holidays, medical/dental appointments, personal business or emergencies. S3 employees can bank up to 120 hours of PTO each year.

Retirement Savings

S3 offers employees participation in a Safe Harbor 401-K retirement plan. In addition, employees participate in our Profit-Sharing Plan. This plan is provided to employees with at least 1,000 hours of service per year.

Medical Insurance

Sequoia Strategies & Solutions, LLC (S3) provides employees with Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance plans. S3 pays 100% of the premium for employee-only policies, and 70% of the premium for Family policies. S3 covers 100% of our retired veterans’ TRICARE Prime Retired premiums.

Other Insurance

Group Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Group life insurance at $100,000.00 is offered at no cost to the employee. Accidental death & Dismemberment pays a benefit to employees.

Long & Short-Term Disability Insurance (LTD & STD)
This plan provides you with an income benefit should you become totally disabled and/or unable to work because of illness or accident. LTD/STD is effective on the first of the month following 30 days of employment.

Continuing Professional Development

S3 provides opportunities for professional development through attendance of approved professional development or educational opportunities such as seminars, conferences, and others. The objective of this program is to enhance your skills and career development at S3.